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Les organisateurs des 12 JS du RFMF sont heureux de vous annoncer la venue des conférenciers invités de renom présentés ci dessous.


Pr Coral Barbas Universidad San Pablo Madrid, CEMBIO


Prof Coral BARBAS is currently FullProfessor of Analytical Chemistry at Pharmacy Faculty, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid (Spain) and Director for the “Centre for Metabolomics and Bioanalysis” (CEMBIO) at this Faculty. She is also Director for CEU International School of Doctorate (CEINDO); Visiting Professor at Imperial College London, Department of Surgery and Cancer and at Bialystok Medical University. As previous appointments she was Vice-Chancellor for Research at Universidad CEU San Pablo and Marie Curie Fellow at Kings College London. She is the author of more than 200 papers, with current research interests in all the steps in metabolomics workflow: experimental design, sample pretreatment, analytical methods for targeted and untargeted metabolomics, method validation, data treatment, compound identification and interpretation. Her researcher is focused on multiplatform analysis with GC-MS, LC-MS and CE-MS of all kind of biological samples searching for disease biomarkers, prognostic biomarkers, mechanisms of action of a drug, diet, etc. Her awards include the medal of Bialystok Medical University and she was named to the 2016 Power List, the 50 Most Influential Women in Analytical Chemistry in the World, The Analytical Scientis and recently she has received the award of the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS 2018).


Pieter Dorrestein University of California - San Diego, Collaborative Mass Spectrometry Innovation Center


Dorrestein is Professor at the University of California - San Diego. He is the Director of the Collaborative Mass Spectrometry Innovation Center and a Co-Director, Institute for Metabolomics Medicine in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Departments of Pharmacology and Pediatrics. Since his arrival to UCSD in 2006, Prof. Dorrestein has been pioneering the development of mass spectrometry methods to study the chemical ecological crosstalk between populations of microorganisms, including host interactions for agricultural, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. He participated in panels for the white house science and technology office of president on the launch of a national microbiome initiative and has been on panels for the National Academy of Sciences on the Chemistry of the Microbiome.  He has co-authored over 220 publications and his work has been featured by the wall street journal, CNN, NYTimes, Fox, BBC and hundreds of other news outlets. He has been recognized with several awards, among them are awards from the Beckman foundation, V-foundation in cancer research, EUREKA award for unconventional and enabling research, Hearst Foundation, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Association research award and the Abel award in pharmacology. For a more detailed biography see


Claudio Luchinat University of Florence,CERM


Claudio Luchinat is full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Florence, Director of CERM (Center of Magnetic Resonance) and of CIRMMP (Interuniversity Consortium on Magnetic Resonance of MetalloProteins). His research interests include development of NMR-based structural methodologies, electron and nuclear relaxation, NMR of paramagnetic species, relaxometry, bioinorganic chemistry and metabolomics. His h-index is 79 (Scholar), and his papers have been quoted more than 25.000 times.He has held seminars in many prestigious universities and research institutions worldwide, and plenary lectures in International Workshops, Symposia and Conferences. He has been awarded the 1989 "Raffaello Nasini" gold medal, the 1994 Federchimica Award "For an Intelligent Future", the 1996 SBIC European Medal for Biological Inorganic Chemistry, the 2001 GDRM gold medal, the 2017 Sapio Senior Award and the 2018 Richard R. Ernst Prize in Magnetic Resonance.


Konstantinos A. Aliferis Agricultural University of Athens, PMG

 Konstantinos A. Aliferis is Professor of Pesticide Science at the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece), head of the Pesticide Metabolomics Group (Dept of Plant Science). Since late 2017, Dr Aliferis is also Adjunct Professor at McGill University in Plant Science Dept. His skills are covering plant functional genomics (metabolomics), advanced crop protection, pesticide research and development, research on bioactive plant and fungal metabolites-natural products (bioactivity, MoA, and toxicological risk assessment), cannabis R&D, fungal resistance to fungicides and fungal metabolomics (GC/MS, FT-ICR/MS, Orbitrap MS/MS, & NMR analyzers), GM plant risk assessment, metabolic networking, shotgun proteomics, RNA sequencing data analyses, multi-level “omics” data integration, biomarker discovery, quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) modeling, and food chemistry (chemoinformatics, pesticide residues). Dr Aliferis is also an expert in the state-of-the-art mega-variate analyses (PCA, O2PLS, PLS-DA, OPLS-DA, SIMCA, HCA, Heatmaps), “omics” data fusion, bioinformatics analysis, metabolic networking, and biological interpretation of large-scale “omics” data. For further information : Pesticide Metabolomics Group (PMG):

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